July Events in UMBRIA

Antiques and Flea Market
Date:first weekend of the month
An antiques and flea market is held in the main piazza

Hand crafts and Artisans Fair
Date:early July
Where:Guardea - Amelia
A exhibition of local crafts and foods.

The Italian International Hot Air Balloon Grand Prix
Date:usually happens the second full week of July
The Italian International Hot Air Balloon Grand Prix is held in Todi, a picturesque medieval town in the south of Umbria. It's expected that approximately 70 hot air balloons will participate arriving from countries all the world. The balloons are inflated twice daily, once in the early morning and once in the early evening creating a photo opportunity that knows no equal. In addition, there are always numerous side attractions at the launch site in order to create a pleasant atmosphere for the whole family. As the date of this festival changes regularly (weather is a factor) you can call 075 8942526 to find out the exact date.
Web Link:www.assind.perugia.it/balloon/balo_ing.htm

The Brustengolo Festival
Date:mid July
Brustengolo festival.

17th Century Gastronomic Competition and Festival
Date:mid July
Cooks face-off with 17th century recipes.

Festa delle Acque (Festival for the Waters)
Date:mid July
Where:  Cascata delle Marmore, Lago di Piediluco, Sorgenti di San Gemini and Acquasparta, to name a few.
The Festa delle Acque is celebrated in a variety of local towns in a variety of different ways but all are devoted to honoring their waterfalls.

Spoleto Festival
Date:starts the last weekend in June and runs through the third weekend in July
The Spoleto Festival used to be called the Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of Two Worlds) because it was twinned with an identical festival held in Charleston, South Carolina. Problems cropped up between the octogenarian founder of the festival, composer Giancarlo Menotti (who still runs the Italian festival) and the organizers in the United States, so the festivals were separated a few years ago. The five-week festival takes place in the hilltop city of Spoleto located in the heart of Umbria. It celebrates the performing, literary and visual arts with non-stop performances of opera, ballet, orchestral performances, prose readings, marionettes, contemporary theater, classic plays, chorale concerts and film debuts. There is a full schedule that includes world famous performers such as Nobel Prize winning satirist Dario Fo, Yo Yo Ma, Jacqueline Du Pre and the Moscow Choir. Information on the United States' festival can be obtained at: 843-722-2764 and for the Italian Festival at: (from within Italy) 800-565.600
Web Link: www.spoletofestival.net/
Web Link: www.umbria.org/Eventi/eng/evento.asp?id=27

Umbria Jazz Fest
Date:the second Friday through the third Sunday of July
Where:Perugia (and Cortona)
Since 1975, this vibrant, world-famous jazz fest has attracted some of the biggest names in jazz to Umbria's capital city. Perugia, originally an Etruscan stronghold, offers a international feel mainly due to its large student population, including those who attend the University for Foreigners. During the festival, the population doubles from 150,000 inhabitants, as an equivalent number of visitors flock to witness the city's metamorphosis into an Italian-style New Orleans. Over the ten-day festival, some 150 concerts are hosted in the town, half of them free. The concerts run from mid-day to midnight and the city grooves to the beat of international jazz greats like Chick Corea, Roy Hargrove, Pat Metheny, Keith Jarrett, Milt Jackson and many, many others (including many unknown but virtuoso musicians from all over the world). Concerts in nearby sister-city Cortona compliment the musical magic that blankets the Tuscan hills.
Web Link:www.umbriajazz.com/umbriajazz99eng/
Web Link:www.ijm.it/en.html

Antiques and Flea Market
Date:every second Sunday of the month
An antiques and flea market is held in the Piazza del Popolo

Antiques and Flea Market
Date:every second Sunday of the month
An antiques and flea market is held in the Piazza del Mercato

Antiques and Flea Market
Date:second weekend of the month with an annual fair in the spring
An antiques and flea market is held in the main piazza

Graticole Neighborhood Festival
Date:3rd Sunday
Where:Citta di Castello
Think city block-party and go enjoy the neighborhood festival in Citta di Castello's Graticole district.
Web Link:www.argoweb.it/tifernate/tifernate.uk.html

Sagra del Cozze (Mussel Festival)
Date:starts the third weekend of July ending on the 29th
Where:Citta di Castello
In July, this town becomes a mecca for mussel enthusiasts. Dozens of open-air cooking stands prepare the shellfish in at least ten different ways, according to Italy's most popular recipes. By the time the feast ends, at least of ton of the shellfish will have been consumed at rustic tables set up outside the city walls for the occasion. The fact that Citta di Castello is on of Italy's furthest towns from the sea does not diminish the success of the event, which organizers say is usually visited by 15,000 people. There is an old tradition of eating fish in this town that started when young men would go to the seaside, fish mussels and bring them back. There is also a bit of good-natured rivalry in it, when the town's men and women form teams to race through the town (starting from different points) to see which can be first to the main square.

Antiques and Flea Market
Date:third weekend of the month with an annual fair in the spring
An antiques and flea market is held in the main piazza

Antique Furniture Market
Date:third weekend of the month, with an annual fair at the end of August
An antiques and furniture is held in the main piazza

Antiques Market
Date:third weekend of the month
Where:Citta di Castello
An antiques and flea market is held in the main piazza

Preggio Chamber Music Festival
Date:Weekly concerts throughout late July and August.
Fine singers and musicians perform under the stars in the shadow of a 10th century Romanesque church. Professional and intimate.

Passignano Fish Festival
Date:last Sunday of July
Where:Passignano sul Trasimeno
This grand fish fry features the biggest frying pan in the world. It is presented on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, Umbria's largest lake. There is also a boat race. Passignano has always been a big of a resort town. There is a lakeside outdoor dance floor that will be open and in use.

Giacchio festival
Date:July 29th-31st
Where:Castiglion del Lago
The Giacchio festival in the Saint Feliciano district features shows and food stands of traditionally prepared lake fish.

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Umbrian Festivals and Events
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Preggio Chestnut Festival