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olive trees
flower market in Greve

Autumn 2010     
Under Construction

October 2009
Planning for an Autumn Adventure

June 2008
Two Weeks in the Niccone Valley
Location, Location, Location
Travel Trials
Norcia - Home of the Pig

Sept 2007
The Wedding Party

June 2005
Clan Cavaluzzo
Sono Tornata

Feb 2004

July 03
Leaving Italy. So Difficult,
I still haven't written it

June 03
The Goodbyes
The Pecora - A Sheep Named Katia
Dancing with Lenny

May 03
Volpe - World Famous Vinegar
The Flower Show at Greve
A Day of Craftsmen - terra cotta, wine and iris
The Florentine Villa Awaits
Dario, The Butcher of Panzano
Busy Times For the Workers

April 03
Luncheon Al Fresco
An Easter Concert
Mistress of Dead Things
A Burger Jones
Give Pace A Chance - The Antiwar Movement in Umbertide

March 03
Ringside with a WWII Bomb
The Plant Murderer Cries "Ladro!"
The San Francisco of Umbertide
A Matchmaker's Dinner
Tex Mex in Them Thar Hills

February 03
Teaching English
My Moroccan Feast
Devotion to Pasta
My Lucky Valentine Party, and
A Visit From My Stalker
Rasheed and His Brothers, Bob and Mo
When the Fog Lifts - Brigadoon

January 03
A Chinese Housewarming
I'm Canadian
Robbed and Riled
The Three Graces
Cut Off From the World

December 02
Party Shmarty
The Christmas Markets of Napoli
My Persimmon Tree

November 02
Opelas - Thai Food and Live Music
Thanksgiving - A Turkey Deconstructed
The Olive Harvest
A Turkey Meets His Bakers
The Offal Truth
A Lesson in Romano
Dinner in The Grotto
My Pet Cheese
Wine Tasting with the Gritti
The Festa Del Bosco

October 02
Fresh Papadums and Homemade Chutneys
A Few Days In Rome
Giancarlo with a capital "G"
My Run In With The Law
The Beet that Ate Umbertide
My Stick Shift Adventure Over the Pass
The Benediction of the Motorcycles

September 02
Vacationing in the US, &
Looking Homeward

August 02
The Great White Linen Hunter
Winter Handiwork
Dinner in Perugia - We, The Insensitive
Dancing at Ciao Ciao, Where I am Mistaken for an Eastern European Hooker
The Three Gelati Day with Joe & Kristi
Barbarians with Backpacks

July 02
"And yes, I do have two right shoes here."
The Festa of the Tiber Water Nymphs
The Festa Dei Nonni
Even Communists Wear Tie-Die
The Montone Film Festival Featuring Mike's Figgis and Leigh
A Moroccan Birthday
Movies in the Piazza
Yoga at the Castle

June 02
The Sagra Del Pesce - with
Kenzo, the Magnificent
Market Day
Breaking Up with Aiden Quinn
My Birthday includes an Enormous Pig
One Bedroom, with Fountain

May 02
A Big Month For Visits
Tacy Pronounces My Car a Lawnmower
Mom Visits and We See Calendimaggio
Cinque di Maggio Festa
Anghiari's Festa dei Artigiani

April 02
Festa Romana
White Knuckle Driving
Matti, My Albanian Neighbor
Dogs, Cats, Baying Hounds and Wild Boar

March 02
Easter Hike on Monte Acuto
Luzzis and Busattis
When Oak Leaves Fall
Gainfully Employed. My LIfe in the Garden.
SF Vacation

February 02
The Early Bat...

January 02
The Mystery of Time
Thomas Visits & We Have
the Befana Fest
The New Year in Perugia

December 01
The Comfort of Friends
The Festa Dell Acqua, At Which
We Kill a Pig
Dancing with Melchiorre
New Neighbors, Carol and Dima

November 01
The Lure of the Unknown
First Snow!
Pantano Thanksgiving
The Trust of the Animals
Bushwhacking the Hills & The Sad Plight of Hunting Dogs
Montone's Festa del Bosco
The First Gig with Melchiorre
Dead Rock Stars for Halloween

October 01
Finding the Post Office
Meatloaf in Italy
Picnic at the Etruscan Tomb
Getting Settled in Pantano

September 01
Sept 21 - First Day
Sept 3 - Anticipa-a-tion
Chef Melchiorre
Anghiari artigani
Assisi Calendamaggio
Pantano pergola
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