Umbrian Adventure, Via Spunta
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My apartment is rather unusual. The space was once a part of the old town walls. I am actually below street level. The stone and some of the architectural features (like the barrel vaulting) are very old.
The truly unique thing is the natural spring that flows from the stones and into a pool in my livingroom. Like a wet fireplace.
The apartment gets a lot of light and the windows look over the Tiber River. The kitchen is small and cute, with a refrigerator that looks like a keychain ornament.
The bedroom has an amazing vaulted ceiling. The mirror (in this first picture) is recessed in what used to be a doorway for a passage that led under the bridge and came up into the Piazza San Francesco across the street.
My office is actually the first room. Its at street level and you go down one flight into the main apartment. The critter is my neighbor's cat who lives most of the time with me. We all call her miccio, which means kitten.